Outside boost

Stable, but flexible


Thermoplastic molding possible

prevent "hot foot"

Absorbing and washable


WINSOLE is the most successful bike insole in the market.Its outstanding performance datas on weight, stiffness and the fact that every WINSOLE is individual molded makes it unique and guarantees a quality standard on the highest level.

WINSOLE is used by multiple Amateur riders and top professionals like World Champions, Olympic Champions and World Record holder on all categories – Road, MTB and Triathlon.

Jens Machacek the inventor of WINSOLE is one of the leading bike fitter worldwide and an expert of ergonomic products design. He holds an degree of Shoe Orthopedics and owns several patents in this product area. His experience based on a long relationship with the German National Cycling Team and the R&D specialists FES. The first usage of WINSOLE started at the London Olympics and ended up with several medals by athletes which used WINSOLE.